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    Say pieces on a board, make each a pair with another piece.



    so figure out how a piece can move.

    pick any piece, try to move it somewhere.
    when you move a piece you have to move it's pair at the same time.
    when you move to a piece it's pair has to move at the same time too.
    a piece always becomes a pair with the piece it moves to.
    no matter how many pairs, there's only one answer to how a piece can move.

    A common problem type, I forget what it's called.

    There's only one answer for how any piece can move.

    A piece always goes where a piece leaves.

    You can't move a piece that moves where the piece came from.

    No such thing as a free space, a piece always moves to another piece.

    A pair never moves to a pair.

    A piece works out to move where another piece can get back to where a piece moves from.

    so try this...

    draw starting at each piece a line that shows the piece it moves to, and each piece to move for how a piece moves back
    where it starts.

    see this as a machine diagram.

    move a piece then figure the machine diagram again, it's the same machine though...

    see how every other piece moves another way now?

    what happened for how the machine moved?

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