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Thread: Who is greater contibutor to a technology Leonardo or Tesla?

  1. #1 Who is greater contibutor to a technology Leonardo or Tesla? 
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    Considering what both men have created, invented i think it is pretty hard to detemine. I am going to assume that you know what leonardo has created, so lets see what Tesla had to say.
    He contributed or invented: alternating curent, wireless communication, electric motor, basics for laser and radar techonology, x-ray, neon tubes, robotics, remote control, and cellular technology.

    What do you think?

    Whoever wins in this debate should be the greatest inventor of them all.

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    Leonardo I'm sure would have been the greatest inventor/scientist of all time if he made his works and his writings public. It wasn't until centuries later that his works finally got the acclaim they deserve and by that time most of the things in his books were already invented.

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