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Thread: Everyday Batteries powering the Country

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    Everyday batteries are now becoming more and more numerous. As we use them up, and throw them away, there is still a small amount of charge left. If we could in some way harnis that power, could all those batteries power the whole country (UK), and for how long?

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    I absolutely agree this perfect idea!

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    Not exactly a good idea... Batteries have miniscule charge in relation to a national demand.
    Consider a single AA battery, it provides ca. 2.4w/hours, consider a single nuclear power station (UK has dozens!) providing maybe 5GW for simplicity sake.
    That's 5000000000 watt/hours. So you'd need 2.08333333 × 10^9 batteries to provide the power. And considering you will have practically wasted batteries, we will say that you will only get about 10% charge* from those batteries, therefore you will need 90% more batteries which is 3 958 333 327 batteries.

    Or in laymans terms you will need 4 billion AA batteries to produce the equivelant of 5GW, a rough powerstation station.

    Also it is important to note that 4 billion AA batteries weighing 50g each sums up at 200,000 metric tons of batteries.
    For scale, the Eiffel Tower weights 10,000 tons. So you need 20 Eiffel tower worths of batteries to replace a single power station. The UK has dozens and dozens of power stations!

    Have fun!


    *Charge is used for the sake of simplicity instead of power.
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