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Thread: Greenland summit sees rain for the first time in recorded history.

  1. #1 Greenland summit sees rain for the first time in recorded history. 
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    NBC News reports rain for the first time in recorded history at Greenland's summit*.

    Quoting from the article*:

    "The rare rainfall caused significant melting at the summit and along the ice sheet's southeastern coast over the weekend and occurred just weeks after the region experienced a separate extensive melting event in late July. The recent warm spell adds to concerns that climate change is rapidly melting ice in the Arctic, which accelerates sea-level rise around the world."

    One supposes this should be cause for alarm. But what is one more environmental red flag (with flashing lights) to all the others?

    Will it make a difference in our currently pathetic efforts to reverse warming? It seems very unlikely.

    "It rained for the first time at the summit of Greenland's ice sheet"


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    Biggest contributor to global warming is science.
    Like, how to remove forests with greater efficiency.
    How to grow populations and help them live longer.
    So science is not Darwinian.

    But global warming is!
    Even if science can potentially help fix the problem, there still needs to be something natural to lower the human head count.

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