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Thread: Carbon remediation: Direct Air Capture of carbon dioxide as a means to reduce global warming, NOW!!

  1. #1 Carbon remediation: Direct Air Capture of carbon dioxide as a means to reduce global warming, NOW!! 
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    The ultimate approach to immediately reducing global warming is the rapid removal of carbon dioxide, CO2, from the atmosphere. Removing other gases is more problematic, but CO2 remediation and sequestration is under consideration on a large scale by a group of people in Scotland.

    The BBC reports on their remarkable effort to reduce global CO2 levels by Direct Air Capture (DAC) using established technology, and trying to scale it up to global levels. DAC allows for the removal of large amounts of CO2 directly from the air, where it is then sequestered by various means. It may be our only real hope out of the enormous mess we are in.

    Climate change is going to wreck havoc on human activities around the world - to be sure, it already is! Something needs to be done on a dramatic scale if we are to prevent a global catastrophe, which we appear to be already seeing. Much money will be needed with lots of governments getting into this big time. But what is the alternative? We don't even want to think about it. Haven't we seen enough already?! And it has only just begun.

    What we need is to do something about it. NOW! Perhaps our friends in Scotland and their associates can figure this one out for us. They are very clever people, after all.*

    Read more about the DAC technology at :

    "Climate change: Large-scale CO2 removal facility set for Scotland"

    * Al Stewart, my favorite rock star, is from Glasgow, which is saying a lot if you know his brilliant music!

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