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Thread: Did the Azolla Event 49 Million Years Ago Create an Extinction Event?

  1. #1 Did the Azolla Event 49 Million Years Ago Create an Extinction Event? 
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    55 million years ago, the world was literally a jungle. With such high temperatures, rainfall and humidity, life could proliferate. But 49 million years ago, something drastic happened: The Azolla Event, where ice was forming at the poles. The culprit? A kind of plant called Azolla. Within 800,000 years, photosynthesis and carbon sequestration from those plants reduced the atmospheric quantity of carbon dioxide from 3500 parts per million to 650.

    [figure from Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations over the past 60 million years]

    But the real question here is--did the cooling caused by the Azolla Event create a major extinction event of plant and animal species?

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    Why do you thing it did or did not?

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