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Thread: Improved weather forecasting worldwide.

  1. #1 Improved weather forecasting worldwide. 
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    "A weather forecasting system that can provide hourly updates for any location on the planet has been announced by technology giant IBM"

    "Mr Purcell pointed out that gaining access to lots of data could greatly improve the accuracy of forecasts and might put IBM ahead of its rivals in the space.

    He added that, having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in sub-Saharan Africa, he could personally vouch for the fact that more frequent weather updates could be transformative in the region.

    "That would resonate to me - the fact that you could get really high-resolution data to farmers who haven't had access to good weather forecasts. That's potentially huge," he said"

    I wonder what sort of benefits such improved weather forecasting would bring to regions like Sub-Saharan Africa?

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