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Thread: Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event

  1. #1 Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event 
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    This study shows that if humans don't do something soon we will see another mass extinction within 100 years or less.

    Video: Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event - The Globe and Mail

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    Here's a link to the abstract from the study.

    The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection

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    ~ Can it be argued without hysteria that dramatic weather events and climate changes are already here and threatening human survival..
    Talk to anyone that is aware of weather related issues of the American mid West.. or the Coastal regions of Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.. Change is afoot and we may need to adapt dramatically.. relocating and moving inland might be easy or hard.. Interesting that I still see denial as a option.. Political boundaries will be placed under pressure.. We are in for a fright.. and a fight.. and our survival is at steak.. I prefer mine rare.. and with veggies..
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