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Thread: Amazon deforestation getting less.

  1. #1 Amazon deforestation getting less. 
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    Reference : New Scientist, 14 June 2014, page 8.

    Is the worst over for the Amazon?

    1996 to 2005 saw about 20,000 square kilometres of Amazon rain forest destroyed to make way for farmland every year. This deforestation reached a peak in 2004. But since 2004, this has been dropping. In 2013, "only" 5,843 square kilometres were lost.

    The cause of this seems to be the increase in efficiency of soya bean and beef farming. More production per acre means less need for more acres of farmland. In addition, more than half of the rain forest is now designated protected areas.

    Since deforestation causes CO2 release, the reduction means that Brazil has now achieved the largest reduction in carbon emissions of any nation on Earth.

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