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Thread: Atmospheric Aerosol Characterisation.

  1. #1 Atmospheric Aerosol Characterisation. 
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    Nice article about the new generation of aerosol mass spectrometers for characterising atmospheric aerosol. The composition of aerosol in the atmosphere is important to know from a pure chemistry point of view but also important for air quality and health effects of pollution as well as for predicting how the aerosol will affect cloud nucleation etc. (look at the error bars on that IPCC global forcing chart for the aerosol direct and indirect effects).

    Smelling the air

    Atmospheric aerosol is something I've spent a large part of my career on (albeit it's surface reactions, how it is formed and it's thermodynamic properties rather than measuring composition in the "real world") so it's nice to see it getting some publicity!

    PS the author has a very unfortunate name for a science journalist, you are reading "Woo", but not woo

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