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Thread: New maps of Coastal Greenland's topography make it look more vulnerable to melting

  1. #1 New maps of Coastal Greenland's topography make it look more vulnerable to melting 
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    Though it seems almost hard to believe, much of the topography below Greenland's coastal glaciers are still being mapped and perhaps more importantly, neither the ice dynamics nor topography are being applied to model Greenland's melting. As it turns out, many of the the coastal glacial valleys run inland below-sea level much further than previously thought and thus much more vulnerable to sea level rise and melting. It's just one more bit that seems to demonstrate current models reported by the IPCC's likely underestimate sea-level rise.

    "We detect widespread ice-covered valleys that extend significantly deeper below sea level and farther inland than previously thought. Our findings imply that the outlet glaciers of Greenland, and the ice sheet as a whole, are probably more vulnerable to ocean thermal forcing and peripheral thinning than inferred previous from existing numerical ice-sheet models."

    Deeply incised submarine glacial valleys beneath the Greenland ice sheet | ReadCube Articles

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    For the time being, Eric Rignot looks to become my least favourite person. He was also part of the group that's just told us that the West Antarctic ice sheet is now toast - the only matter yet to be determined is whether the rate of sea level rise attributable to that particular region will be more than 3 and up to 5 metres within 200 years or by the end of 900 years.

    Eric Rignot on “the Holy Shit Moment” | Climate Denial Crock of the Week

    ... which includes this sparkling gem of unwelcome information.

    There is also a bigger picture than West Antarctica. The Amundsen sea sector is not the only vulnerable part of the continent. East Antarctica includes marine-based sectors that hold more ice. One of them, Totten glacier, holds the equivalent of seven metres of global sea level.

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    This Rignot? - "West Antarctic glacier loss appears unstoppable, study finds"

    Adelady, the bearers of bad news are traditionally punished severely. Knowledge can be power but opportunities in this area tend to be easier to squander than seize upon; ignorance is power too, greatly aided by inertia, with the right to promote misinformation and ignorance as self interested 'freedom of choice'.
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    Ice free Greenland, it seems will be less of a subcontinent and more of an archipelago.
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