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Thread: multi-year ice and weather

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    Interesting phenomenon:

    If you look at the CryoSat data for arctic sea ice and generate a map of the northern hemisphere with the thickest(multi-year) ice as the
    center(s), then the current winter's thermo-bars are roughly concentric to that(those) map center(s), with significant indentations where the lines of temperature gradients meet open(ocean) water.
    Combining the rougly 2 centers into an ellipse brings more clarity.

    Causality or coincidence remains elusive.

    The arctic sea ice seems to be attracted to the higher gravitational pull of the greenland ice?

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    The arctic sea ice seems to be attracted to the higher gravitational pull of the greenland ice?
    No. It just goes round and round in the central Arctic Ocean and the edges of the rotating bulk of ice either pile up against the Canada and Greenland northern coasts or follow the currents out of the Fram Strait (or to a much lesser extent through the Nares Strait).

    This becomes really obvious when you watch an accelerated version of the satellite record with the younger/older ice identified.

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