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Thread: Electric cars? Not as good as we think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billvon View Post
    Might be at $10 a gallon - but with a car that uses only 50 gallons of gas a year, that's not a big hardship.
    Your comment resonates with me because the cost of gas ALREADY is about 10 bucks a gallon-- a major obstacle to other energy sources is most of the cost of fossil fuels is masked by other things, such as the cost of huge militaries to protect its extraction, shipment, and production and of course back end environmental impacts.
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    Engineering and colleagues have now developed a hybrid zinc battery that combines the best of zinc-air and zinc-nickel technologies, completing over 5,000 charging cycles with no loss of performance. The battery has a zinc anode, while its cathode is based on a carbon-coated nickel foam covered with nickel cobalt oxide nanowires. The liquid electrolyte between the electrodes contains hydroxide anions dissolved in water.
    A key reason for the battery's excellent performance is that the cathode works in two distinct ways during charging and discharging. When the battery charges, hydroxide ions from the electrolyte react with metal oxides in the cathode to produce oxyhydroxide compounds, freeing electrons. But the metals in the cathode also act as a catalyst, combining hydroxide anions to produce oxygen, water, and more electrons. These electrons flow around the circuit to the anode, where they combine with zinc ions in the electrolyte to produce zinc metal. During discharge, these electrochemical processes are reversed.
    The battery has a stable two-step discharge voltage between 1.75 and 1.0 volts, and maintained its performance over three months of continuous testing, vastly outstripping previous zinc batteries. Zong estimates that the battery can store about 270 Watt-hours per kilogram, with potential for improvement. "This is already on a par with lithium-ion batteries available on the market," he says.
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