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    I think our environment is becoming worse and worse.
    A very heavy haze just leaves from my city. It not only does harm to our body, but also hinder our normal life.
    We human really should protect our environment as possible as we can, or nature will punish ours.

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    In some respects and in some places the environment is improving. This shows that if the problem is recognised, the solution identified and the will exists to solve it, things can be made better. Setting aside global warming, which is changing the environment, but not necessarily making it worse (except for humans), you are probably correct that, on average, the environment is deteriorating. We are certainly wiping out many species of plant and animal.

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    There is clear evidence that air pollution in certain cities is detremental to human health and can even cause lung cancer. Living with air pollution is equivalent to being a smoker.

    I lived in Auckland city most of my adult life. But that is on a narrow isthmus of land, and the wind blows pollution out to sea. These days, I live on the coast, well away from urban areas, and our air is clean and pure. Any fine night with no moon, we are treated to the sight of the Milky Way just blazing across the sky.

    If you want to live a long and healthy life, and do not smoke, then it is good to live where the air is clean. If you smoke, I recommend a long and very sharp knife to cut your throat cleanly. It is a less painful death.
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