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Thread: AGU fall meeting. climate/atlantic

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    Will be hosting a fall meeting as/re
    North Atlantic climate during the Pliocene and Quaternary
    Abstract submission deadline is August 6th.

    The North Atlantic Ocean plays a crucial role in the global climate system. Reconstructing past changes in North Atlantic climate is therefore vital for our understanding of the processes and mechanisms that give rise to changes in ocean circulation, a range of glacial-interglacial responses, and abrupt climate events. We welcome data and model studies that provide insights into North Atlantic climate during the Pliocene and Quaternary ranging from centennial to secular time scales. Topics include, but are not limited to, investigations of the long-term evolution of North Atlantic climate, responses to changes in astronomical forcing, millennial-scale climate variability, and the impact of these changes on global climate.
    submitted to paleoclimate lists, colorado
    by: Dr. B.D.A. Naafs
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Organic Geochemistry Unit, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

    could proove informative?

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