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    Yesterday I parked my SUV in the forest on a mountain pass in WA. It was only parked for 6 hours. After the 6 hours my SUV had so much pollen on it that I wondered " Whats up with this ? " I park here through out the year at various times but in the last 35 years I haven't seen this type of pollen accumulation. Decided to google " pollen increase" and came up with some explanations.
    What is the affect on human health besides allergies ? With the amount of pollen that settled on my vehicle I feel that my lungs were pollinated. lol

    Global warming brings on more pollen -
    As you increase CO2 (carbon dioxide), it tells the allergenic plants to produce more pollen to the tune of three to four times more, and the pollen itself, we think, may actually be more potent," Bassett said.

    Pollen counts increasing quickly
    The problem is the cold start to spring delayed the start to tree pollination. But the quick warm-up the past two weeks has sent this pollen season into overdrive.

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    Maybe its spring, but I have never seen so much pollen on my vehicle either

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    Yukon, Canada
    The Yukon apparently has the highest count of Pine pollen in the world according to some study I was reading last year. We always have a lot of pollen in the spring and early summer and I expect this year will be dramatic as it is the latest spring in about 60 years. The yard is drying up just like watching time lapse photography and the plants will be stressed and racing to reproduce during the short season remaining. I have taken to growing my tomatoes in the house from seed to finish because they like constant temperatures and I'm not willing to pony up the coin to heat a greenhouse with this erratic weather. A week or two in the spring is one thing. A month or more rather defeats the purpose, especially when I work in a grocery store, lol...I have green tomatoes set and growing already and expect that I shall be eating ripe tomatoes right around mid-June.
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    from what i understand of what i've read
    (I think Keeling began to notice this 30 years ago noting what he called deeper breaths since the '60s)

    (thanks to our addition of co2?) the world is greening-especially the forests--logic rears it's ugly head--more robust trees= more pollen?
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