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Thread: How smart is Eco-smarts?

  1. #1 How smart is Eco-smarts? 
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    The stupid forum lost my O.P. and made an empty thread.

    Trying this again. If it still doesn't go through- it can shove it.

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    when gvmt. mandates for bio-fuels raised the price of corn
    farmers upriver from us bulldozed out the hedgerows/windbreaks and shelterbeds, then planted every available square inch.

    and, then, it began to rain, and kept raining and raining and raining, and the river rose o'er topping it's banks and we had the great flood of 2008
    which came right up to the edge of my backyard-----we canoed through a flooded forest, stopping under mullberry trees and shaking the ripe berries into the canoe----gorged ourselves on the succulent berries, and had enough to fill a 5 gallon bucked when we docked at my yard (now, we walk over 400 meters to get to the water's edge.

    after the floodwaters receeded, we found several feet of those upriver farmer's topsoil filling our once shallow (up to 10 ft deep)bay(100 meters from my yard)
    where once we had a bay we now have a water meadow

    good? or bad?
    water meadows and swamps are some of the richest habitats

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