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Thread: I loooove playing with these maps

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    This is one of those sliiiiiiding graphics.

    In Australia we usually use these for before and after pictures of storms and floods. I have a guilty love for these things - guilty because they usually show the effects of things where some, or many, people have died. But it can be downright stunning to see the very local effects of say, the Japanese tsunami, when you have this now you see it, now you don't, happening as you slow the slide over particular areas.

    This time they're using it to demonstrate the rainfall difference in Australia between La Nina early in 2012 and neutral/el Nino effects for the rest of the year.

    Read more:The heat - and dry - is on

    Australia's notoriously variable climate is on full display, with parts of the nation about to experience one of the largest heatwaves in territorial extent in decades after coming off a sharp shift in 2012 from wetter to drier-than-average conditions.

    The article also shows what we're in for over the next few days in terms of heat - though they're only talking about a couple of days in the text. Our weather forecast for Adelaide is for 2 hot days, a brief cool down to the early 31 & 36 over the weekend, then 41C+ or high 30s for most of next week. (41C is 106 in old money for our US friends.) Though I should point out for most people, the relative humidity here will probably stay well below 30%, maybe down to 10-15% as it often does in such weather here. It does mean it's not quite as enervating as the same temperatures in more humid places, but go outside in that and it will take your breath away. You can feel like you're choking until you learn to keep your mouth firmly shut.

    The heat will be focused on internal regions.

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    I came to Australia in 2002 for the South Pacific Star Party. It was my first experience with the stars of the Southern Hemisphere.

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