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Thread: Is hydrogen energy more harmful?

  1. #1 Is hydrogen energy more harmful? 
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    I was a meteorology major in my first year of college. I remember learning that water vapor was a lot more potent as a greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide was.

    My question is...

    Since hydrogen cars emit water vapor, aren't they doing more damage to the environment than regular gasoline cars? This can't be true because someone would have said something about it already. Anyone have any thoughts?

    From Wikipedia...

    "Water vapor is a natural greenhouse gas and accounts for the largest percentage of the greenhouse effect."

    I'm all for plug-in electric cars and solar/wind powered homes.

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    The role of water as a greenhouse gas is quantitatively more important only because the amount of water vapour is so much larger.

    The situation is complicated by the reflection of slar radiation from clouds, which will be more prevalent with more water.

    However, the water generated by vehicles will for the most condense at ground level, or marginally add to the local humidity. It should have no significant overall effect. [Note that the early sellers of horse drawn buggies said the same thing about horse shit.]

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    Yes, Ophiolite is right. I researched that so much for my project last year because I thought the same thing. Most of it never gets to the level where it becomes a greenhouse gas. Thank the sky. Hydrogen has made one step further in defying skeptics.

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