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    I am a university student looking to inspire environmental action in the Canadian government, particularly concerning oceanic preservation. Over the past century, overfishing, development, and pollution have been progressively deteriorating Canada’s oceanic wildlife populations. In response to this crisis, in 1992 the Canadian government pledged to reserve 1/5th of Canada’s oceanic territory by 2012. Today, Australia has successfully reserved 20% of their oceanic territory, the US has reserved 5% of their oceanic territory, and Canada has only reserved 1% of oceanic territory (which still permits fishing). The Canadian government has both failed to keep their clearly feasible promise and failed to take notice of the necessity of oceanic preservation. With the collapse of Canada’s oceanic ecosystems comes the degradation of Canada’s economy, tourism, and, most importantly, communities. Though, there is still a chance to salvage what we have.

    Please pass on the following petition and campaign information to at least 2 of your friend’s and ask them to do the same. If we all shout at once, Stephen Harper may finally take notice, and the tides may change.

    Honestly Manage Canada's Oceans

    Manage Canada's Oceans Honestly -- Indiegogo

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    May I ask what you are studying at university?

    It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
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    I am studying psychology and philosophy.
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