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Thread: Help with Project: Please fill in this questionnaire about Climate change

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    I was hoping you guys could help me for my university dissertation project. It's basically a questionnaire about climate change, it shouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes (or quicker) and it would be really helping me. If you have any comments about it please feel free to message me on here if anything isn't correct.

    This is the link

    Thank you for your time and I hope you decide to help, i will be eternally grateful.


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    Got about half way through before realizing as an American this survey didn't apply to me--particularly the questions about the party affiliation and whether the "nation" was doing enough. Recommend, the survey upfront should make that a condition along with the 18 year old minimum. Remember "The Science Forum," is international.

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    tbh i don't like questionnaires where i can't see beyond the initial bland (but also personal) questions to see what's coming
    i'll pass until that defect is remedied
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    I think the poll was myopic, and never considered proper questions to ask a person with my viewpoints.
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    Sorry Alex I abandoned the poll part way through because the questions simply didn't match my situation. For example, I don't read newspapers, yet you have several questions that assume I do. good luck with your project, but as others have suggested I think you need to do some serious reworking of the questionaire to make it menaingful.
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