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    Environemntal issues for various humans means that there needs to be the opposite of effect or not?

    Example: if a man wanted to be successful he would have to build his empire without a woman?

    Example: If a rubbish dump was situated in your town does that mean next to that there would be a lovly village?

    Example: If there was a hot day in one city does that mean the other city near has to be cold?

    Example: If the moon comes out at night does that mean the sun should still come out in the day, If so why can i see the moon during the day?

    Example: If an office had hi-tech equipment does that mean old tech equipment could not work together.

    If this is a cause of opposite effect how come our country is beautifil in 90% of its land?

    Finally: If i tried to do something 1 minute and it was successful does that mean the next my next idea has to be a failure. I hope not because if this were true nothing would work



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    Ask yourself this and add to your list...
    Example: If I start a poorly framed thread with a list of nonsensical questions, does a moderator have to close it?

    As best I can tell there's no environmental issues in this thread, but I'll give you the chance to fix it so this becomes a productive thread before I lock it. Your choice.

    PS (I'm looking at a watch not a calendar)

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