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Thread: Feasibility of reducing reliance on fossil fuels in next 20 yrs? (essay question)

  1. #1 Feasibility of reducing reliance on fossil fuels in next 20 yrs? (essay question) 
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    I have an assignment for uni, which is to write a summary, an essay plan and an essay all answering the question "draw on RECENT REPUTABLE sources to examine the feasibility of reducing reliance on fossil fuels as sources of energy within twenty years".

    Reputable means a Journal, an article or a book which has been "peer reviewed" (assessed and accepted for accuracy by 3 experts in the field of it's subject).

    Recent means published within the last 5 years although if there is an article that is 10 years old and someone wrote an article about it 3 years ago, the 3 year old article is "recent".

    reason I am posting this is that I want to find an article that the whole class won't already be using. I was hoping someone whose expertise falls close to this field could point me in the direction of a good text to use or even a specific text would be great.

    I am suggested to find 5 articles and narrow that down to the 3 best ones.

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    It would be really great, if there was a national energy master plan. As north america has a mediterranean sea called Hudson Bay, the surrounding area would be very suitable for Hydroelectric power generation, and/or run of the river, hydro power electric generation. The rivers that lead this sea would pretty much all be suitable.

    Also, where there's always a prevailing wind, vertical stick wind turbines would be very suitable. Solar panels would offset what needs to be generated within a home. Having a master drainage plan for the flood prone areas would probably help hydro electric method. There are some fundings for these kinds of things, but I guess there's not much support locally or even nationally. I think it's possible, when you put your mind to it!

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    Try American Scientist periodical, peer-reviewed like anyone could ask for. If you select nuclear related articles rather than "green" power fluff, you will probably stand out from the herd. For other sources, maybe try looking at article author references? Also, is this for NZ only or world energy generation?

    American Scientist Online

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