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Thread: Which tool would you recommend?

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    I require a floor cleaning tool for an indoor setting and I'm looking for input from someone with experience as to what might be the best one for my needs. I've used swiffer Sweeper before, but it has some issues. The base once broke off right at the green joint, therefore it isn't very reliable. The second issue is, it required expensive wet cloths, which ran out quickly when I needed to wash the floor. I could use a reusable cloth, but I'd rather not keep it because of slightly irrational (since it could be washed like a mop) hygiene concerns, which means I'd have to use a new one each time. A regular mop would be fine in this respect, however it might have issues I'm not aware off. An important consideration is cost effectiveness: whether any parts will need to be purchased, how long does the tool last, etc. I'd prefer to minimize the number of tools purchased and in general all costs. This is indeed a simple question, however, I'd still like to make an informed decision.

    I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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