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Thread: Problem regarding COD determination

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    I have a problem regarding COD determination using titration. Fyi my sample (palm oil mill effluent) volume is equal to 2.5 ml,potassium digestion, 1.5ml and H2SO4 reagent, 3.5 ml. Same as blank but just substitute the sample with distilled water. Molarity of potassium digestion is equal to 0.01667 M. For titration with 0.1 M FAS,only 2 ml of FAS required for blank while for sample i cannot proceed titrating since after I add ferroin indicator into the sample solution it instantaneously turn into red. As far as I know, the solution has to be blue - green in color and change into reddish-brown after titration with FAS solution. Why is that so? can anyone explain it to me? How to solve this problem? Do i have to manipulate the volume of each reagent and sample by increase the amount of potassium digestion solution or decrease the amount of sample? THANKS

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