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Thread: Flooding the Atchafalaya River

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    Before the massive engineering projects of the early 20th century, the Mississippi was well on its way to shifting primary channel from the one we know which passes through New Orleans to the Atchafalaya River which flows along the Western side of the Delta. To slow this change the Corps of Engineers built the Morganza spillway which was intended to keep the Atchafalaya river to no more than 30% of the Mississippi's flow. Amazingly the entire delta is only about 10,000 years old and channel switches such as this are natural part of that process.

    Now with the massive flood rolling down the old man river, the Corps opened the spillway to flood the Atchafalaya river system to avoid the catastrophic levy-over topping and flooding of populated Baton Rogue and New Orleans--a decision that will still flood more than 10,000 homes instead of nearly 100,000 homes.

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    Good summary. I find it interesting that we continue spending such large sums of money on projects like this even though mother nature always wins.

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