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Thread: Asian Carp in Great Lakes

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    For nearly 40 years two species of Asian carps, originally brought to Arkansas to control algae growth and having escaped, have been working their way up the Mississippi river system. Now they have been detected on the Great lakes side of the last electric barrier before they enter the lakes. One fish caught so far, but multiple samples of their DNA.

    These are monstrous fish, weighing up to 100 pounds and have completely upset the ecosystems of the waters they've invaded. There is great fear they'll do the same if they get into the Great Lakes.

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    Some people have observed that the zebra mussel and a couple of other invaders have already cut the bottom off the food pyramid in the Great Lakes, and the carp might not do that much more extra damage.

    That electric barrier is pretty clearly not a permanent solution, though. The choice is stark: keep the canal open, and the two basins will share each other's fish eventually.

    It's hard to recognize, and value, the avoided disaster. The kind of wisdom needed to close that canal - or ban powered boats from lakes not yet afflicted with Eurasian milfoil, force expensive ballast water exchange in ocean to lake cargo ships, etc - is hard to imagine in modern economic and political reality.

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