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    just wondering what is in the black smoke factories put out are?

    and how do we filter them?

    how could i filter CO2 from a vent system, while releasing other elements (including CO, O2, N2, others) back in to system?

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    Clean Air Act: Title I - Part A - Section 112-7412

    Hazardous air pollutants

    (1) Major source

    The term “major source” means any stationary source or group of stationary sources located within a contiguous area and under common control that emits or has the potential to emit considering controls, in the aggregate, 10 tons per year or more of any hazardous air pollutant or 25 tons per year or more of any combination of hazardous air pollutants. The Administrator may establish a lesser quantity, or in the case of radionuclides different criteria, for a major source than that specified in the previous sentence, on the basis of the potency of the air pollutant, persistence, potential for bioaccumulation, other characteristics of the air pollutant, or other relevant factors.


    List of pollutants

    (1) Initial list

    The Congress establishes for purposes of this section a list of hazardous air pollutants as follows:

    CAS number Chemical name

    75070 Acetaldehyde
    60355 Acetamide
    75058 Acetonitrile
    98862 Acetophenone
    53963 2-Acetylaminofluorene
    107028 Acrolein
    79061 Acrylamide

    [et al.]


    For the full list, visit:

    United States Code: Title 42,7412. Hazardous air pollutants | LII / Legal Information Institute

    Hope this helps some.

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