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Thread: A good NYT article on sea level rise

  1. #1 A good NYT article on sea level rise 
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    The gist of which is that average sea levels will probably rise between 3 and 6 feet in the 21st century, but we donít know enough to narrow the range, and we arenít doing enough research to find out. Itís an excellent article and a rare example of science reported well in the press.

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    I agree that's a pretty good article. It probably give a slightly bigger nod to some of the doubt than is deserved and a few tidbits were a couple years dated; for example, the article states we don't know the overall trend of Antarctica, when in fact the past couple years have made it nearly certain that Antarctica is losing ice. I liked that they highlighted some of the loss NASA capability to monitor ice thatís happened over the last few years. Thereís a much discussion as their need to be about this, probably because thereís many people who think the past administration deliberately sandbagged our ability to observe important climate changes.

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