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Thread: EARTH Ship BIOTECHTURE ESSAY! that I wrote for english

  1. #1 EARTH Ship BIOTECHTURE ESSAY! that I wrote for english 
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    Because I love the earthship so much I am posting my english essay that I had to do on the earthship here for your comments good OR bad this essay has already been turned in so I cant edit it and resubmit it don't worry and yes biotechtureis a real world the earthship pople made the word up.

    An Earth ship is a completely sustainable house. It gets its electricity through solar panels and/or wind turbines, water from the sky in any form or shape, and even grows its own food. Here is how the earth ship works top to bottom. First, solar panels or wind turbines on the roof create electricity which is used for an electric appliance. Second, on the roof when water falls from the sky as snow or hail, or just appears out of thin air, the water is drained from the roof, it goes into a pressurized holding container where it waits to be used. Third, you turn on the sink to wash your hands and water comes out. Water that is drained is grey water, grey water is dirty water, grey water is passed through a chemical filter and is then used to water the plants in the greenhouse. Next, the water that seeps through the soil is naturally filtered; then that water is used for the toilet. The water from the toilet is used for exterior plants where the smell is carried away by the wind. The green house is used to grow food and also is used as a place for the house to absorb the heat of the sun warming the interior of the house. The house has a dirt wall and is partially built underground to soak up heat by day and retain heat by night. Fourth, you flush the toilet and the content is filtered away with a bit of grey water into a septic tank that works better than most other septic tanks because it is only partly covered by earth so that the sun warms up the tank and lets the bacteria and other organism inside grow faster.
    Earth Ships have a zero carbon footprint for three reasons. First, one gallon of water is the equivalent of about three gallons of water because the water in an Earth Ship is used four times. Second, the earth ship makes it own electricity through green energy sources by having solar panels and/or wind turbines on the roof. Third, the most important reason is that it uses recycled materials. The reason why that is so important is because it doesnít take energy to reuse materials, only to make them or destroy them, so at the very beginning of building an earth ship there is actually a negative carbon footprint.
    Now to get to the real reason of why I had to write this; in class we had to write a compare and contrast essay about pollution and other stuff having to do with sustainability April. Well I didnít want to do some obvious thing about like we need to car pool, recycle, yada, yada, yada. No! the one thing that I see almost all the awareness programs are missing isÖ (think of a few things please before reading on)
    a solution! How can so many people miss something so big? There is no reason to make people aware of a problem if we donít have a permanent solution for it. I donít mean recycling or anything like that. All that those programs do is give us more time and actually, not that much (yes, yes I know the seconds add up but before you say I am wrong hear me out). In reality most materials to be able to be reused need to be melted so that we can mold them into something else that we ďneedĒ, right, and what do you think we use to heat up those furnaces to make all that material a liquid again?. Some factories still use coal and petroleum or whatever else burns that isnít good for the environment but most modern factories probably use electricity (basically a giant electric stove). Yes, yes you might think I just caught myself because electricity doesnít make CO2(Carbon Dioxide) but how do we make our electricity?. We mostly burn Coal and Natural gas to make water become steam that then goes up a tube and turns a turbine and the process makes CO2. Now do you know why it makes CO2?(for those of you that donít know). Fire is actually just the chemical reaction of Oxygen(O) combining with something else, so letís say you have a compartment filled with only Oxygen and Hydrogen and you have a glow plug (or spark plug) in the compartment you ignite the Hydrogen but remember fire is just Oxygen combining with something so what you end up making is H2O (water) pretty cool right?, getting water by burning something.
    OK, now to get to what I am supposed to write. I am contrasting a house and an Earth Ship, if you donít agree with me on something email me at or just ask me . We all live in a house, a terribly expensive complex that doesnít come with that much for what it is presumably worth. First problem with a house, a house isnít thermodynamic (aerodynamic means something can fly easily thermodynamic something can retain heat easily). The reason why I say this is because people pay thousands of dollars on air conditioning bills (the electricity the air conditioning uses). There are two main reasons why houses arenít thermodynamic. First, glass is a very good heat conductor so you either gain temperature in the summer or lose temperature in the winter because of them. Second, Every single little crack, or hole that air can escape from lets heat escape or vise a verse. The Earth Ship is built partly underground because the Earth is a very stable temperature about 58o F at all times. Second, the Earth Ship has a dirt wall on the other side of the green house to insulate heat. Third, the dirt that they use for the dirt wall is compacted to let no air out therefore less air leaks less heat loss. Fourth, the green house that is part of the earth ship also lets the earth ship get heat from the sun.
    The Second reason a house is wasteful is because whenever you buy a house you get new materials which if you remember before uses energy to make and YOU have to pay for that energy which also makes the house more expensive. Almost everything you use to build a house is new, new beams made out of new metal, wood, and dry wall. The Earth Ship is made out of as many recycled materials as possible and materials that are already made (dirt). The Earth Ship uses recycled tires and dirt to make the thermal wrap around the house, otherwise almost every single wall in the earth ship.
    The third con of a house is that it doesnít grow food, yeah you heard me food. The green house is usually used to grow food the reason why I put this is because to get foods to a grocery market you need to use a truck and if they are local foods in the supermarket they are in a building that isnít ďgreenĒ. Yes, you can get a green house in a house and grow food put the earth ship is specifically made to grow food so it is made to be able to grow any food easily and as many foods as possible and so that the house takes care of the plants.
    After my very long essay, what do you think about the Earth Ship? I know it isnít something you can get tomorrow unless you are a millionaire not that you need to be an earth ship costs about the same as a normal house because it uses recycled materials you can look up the price online yourself if you want. But not a lot of people are familiar with building an earth ship, plus even though we have the perfect climate for one, our geography is wrong so all in all the earth ship is pretty much worthless for Miami right now. The reason is that the inventors are still perfecting it but we can get a lot of good ideas from the earth shipís biotecture (bio = life tecture= architecture) to make houses more sustainable and economically friendly.

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    Not altogether bad.

    A few notes though.
    You might be using thermodynamic correctly, but it's not a way that's very common or that I've ever seen before in writing.

    Windows tend to cause large variation in house temperatures not because glass is conductive, but because even the best windows are relatively transparent, which allows sunlight to come in if they have a Southern exposure and they aren't well insulated by comparison other wall materials.

    Too many little sidebar comments that distract from the essay.

    Earthships don't take millions to build. I remember variations of them being built during the 70's in response to that oil crisis. Some of them probably caused the image problem some green technologies still carry because they were built on the cheap leading to numerous structural problems that were hard to repair, unconventional systems that only an knowledgeable and industrious owner/builder could fix and had terrible resale value--some of them reduced the value of the land they were built on.

    All that being said, some of the ideas in earth ships are sound. Southern exposed and insulated windows balanced with the right amount of thermal mass can make a home far more comfortable and efficient than the standard ugly strip home designs most developers try to sell to the ignorant masses. Solar water heating is inexpensive and should be far more common use in our Southern band of States, or in Northern Sunny states with some extra freeze protection cost. Home Wind and solar electrical just isn't quite cost effective yet, but can make sense where electrical isn't available.

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    I gave you a "good" vote because I like the way you tried to put everything together. In a real situation this might not be feasible, but even applying some of your ideas is better than doing nothing. There are millions of old tires lying in dumps breeding mosquitoes. This might be a good way to rcycle them and solve the mosquito problem too. Dennis Weaver's tire house started a bit of a trend some time back.

    Like Lynx Fox, I've never seen thermodynamic used with the meaning you give it. Perhaps there isn't one word that conveys your meaning - you might need to use a phrase like thermally efficient.
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    I'm rating you a "good" as well. As a teacher, I'd rather see you (the student) thinking, than pick apart details that might seem a bit erroneous. This is largely because the process of thinking will almost always result in flaws, but that is the process of learning. Overall, you seem to have some sound concepts, and I applaud your genuine effort, and thoughtfulness.
    "Let your anger be as a monkey in a pinata, hiding with the candy, hoping the children do not break through with a stick."

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." *Einstein
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    I agree with the others. It's a good essay, though not technically accurate, the basic ideas are sound.
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    That is a nice essay because it discusses how we could help our nature. Actually, I don't have any idea what the Earth ship is. With this post, I have learned a lot.
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