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Thread: Reducing Total Alkalinity without sodium bicarbonate

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    notwithstanding a pH of the deep well water of 6.8, I don't seem to be able to get a stable pH at 7.2; the pH keeps rising, forcing me to add HCl to get it down again.
    I did some research and learned that a low Total Alkalinity (TA) might cause this.
    The test I bought indeed showed a TA of only 40ppm.
    My research suggested to add sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) until I reached a TA of 80-120ppm.
    The problem now is that I live in Bali, Indonesia and cannot find a supplier of sodium bicarbonate.
    Can someone suggest an alternative product, readily available to increase the TA?
    I should add that the pool (120 m3) is equiped with an ioniser that adds copper and silver ions to the water to allow keeping the use of chlorine to a minimum.
    What makes the whole story more complicated is the fact that the deep well water has a TA of 150ppm.
    The difference between the deep well water and the pool water is basically:
    - silver and copper ions in the pool;
    - from time to time some chlorine is added but the readings are extremely low;
    - from time to time HCl is added
    Can the copper and silver ions react with the substances that determine (make up) the TA and hence make the TA go down?
    Thanks in advance for all workable suggestions.

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