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    Why with today's technology, can we not drill strategically placed drainage shafts to allow flood waters to refill the lower water table of Arkansas and the rest of the country? Drill drainage shafts just like air shafts for mining tunnels. It would allow the waters to go back down to the table. I understand that some pollutants may be an issue but I was told a river filters itself every 60 feet, so even that should not be a problem. Think of this, Arkansas farmers are currently pumping out more than what is going back in. Soon they will run it dry. This will work! It just needs your technical knowledge to make it safe.

    If you want more info on my idea to restore the water table please contact me.

    P.S. If you use this I want some credit for the idea so people know I made an effort to help people with my life.

    Best wishes of health and happiness to you and yours! Jim Hurst Jr.
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