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Thread: Negative Ions and Computer Screens

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    There is some research that seems to show that so-called negative ions are good for human health. These negative ions are found at high altitudes, in rain forests, and can be added to the indoor home or office environment by installing negative ion generators or by adding house plants, which also are beleived to release negative ions when the process of transpiration occurs whereby plants release moisture in the air.

    Conversely, some research seems to show that positive ions are antithetical to human health and lead to headaches and lethargy. Positive ions are present in large amounts in city environments where few plants exist, as I understand it. Computers, likewise and in particularly the CRT monitor, are thought to attract negative ions to the screen when in operation and thereby alter the ratio of negative ions to positive ions in the office environment resulting in air that is more abundant in positive ions and more likely to cause tiredness and headaches.

    My question is whether modern flat screen computer monitors, and in particular the Power Mac G5 Cinema Display computer screen, would also attract negative ions to the screen, and whether that would also occur even when the monitor is turned off. I have found that simply adding the screen to a room that contains houseplants, and was previously likely charged with negative ions as a result, seems to experience a drop in the general euphoria of the room (plants and negative ions are thought to create that effect) fairly shortly after the cinema display is added to the room and not even turned on.

    Is the cinema display draining the negative ions when not turned on (and not even plugged in)?

    Alternatively, is the computer screen doing something else that affects the indoor environment, such as perhaps affecting or creating electromagnetic fields even when the monitor is not on or plugge in?

    Thanks very much.

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    "ions" are one of those buzz words that tend to attract gimmicky products. That and magnets.

    But anyway, a CRT screen is basically separating your from an electron gun (ie: an ion causing ray). Being in front of a CRT screen probably gives you a dose of "ons". That's why when you pass your hand over the screen you can get little sparks of static electricity.

    Modern flat panel screens are based on other technology than generally does not involve ions in any form, unless you just consider electricity as ions (which it sort of is in a weird way, if you're not too scientifically precise about it). Or I guess plasma might be thought of as ions. But it generally doesn't attract or repel "ions" in the room. You don't get a lot of static electricity passing your hand over an LCD or plasma screen.

    And of course a monitor not on or even plugged in isn't going to have any effect on the magnetic fields or ions in your room, except maybe as a poor Faraday Cage to the components inside.

    Also, dust is actually usually negatively charged. So if your goal is just to keep the "negative ions" in a room high, ask for your neighbors' vacuum cleaner bags and rip em open in your house. You'll get all the negative ions you want

    More likely you're experiencing something with bad feng shui, which is probably more a psychological issue than a physical one. I'm not sure how computer screens factor in to traditional feng shui, but if computer screens make you feel less happy then computer screens make you feel less happy. Act on that indisputable fact and arrange your rooms in whatever manner maximizes your pleasure.

    Personally I find a room full of flat screen monitors and computers and white fan noise relaxing. Like how other people must find the ocean beach relaxing (I find it enjoyable but certainly not relaxing).

    But I'm a bit of a computer geek
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