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Thread: TAR 4 underpredicted probable sea level rise...

  1. #1 TAR 4 underpredicted probable sea level rise... 
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    according to scientists at the International Congress on Climate Change, which has just ended. The IPCC report did not include ice melt from Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets because of uncertainty about the mechanics of glaciers that exit to the sea. Recent data on acceleration of outlet glaciers has reduced this uncertainty and the IPCC predictions are now thought be too low.

    The final press release is also worth a read.

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    I remember the skepticism by some scientist at the IPCC sea-level rise estimate, which had been lowered considerably. There's been a couple papers over the past year that suggested the IPCC estimate might be low.

    A meter rise doesn't sound like much, unless you live on future Miami Island. It was surprising that 1 in 10 people live on such low lands.

    Looking forward to seeing the full report due in June.

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