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Thread: Samsung mobile phone not accepting some MP3 music why?

  1. #1 Samsung mobile phone not accepting some MP3 music why? 
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    I have recently purchased a Samsung mobile phone and also a 1gb micro sd card.

    When i load MP3 songs onto the sd card from either a cd album (converted to MP3) or MP3 music from the internet, on playback the phone will not recognise some of the song's held on the memory card "Why."

    A work friend as told me Samsung have a copright problem so all song's can't be played.

    *** Have tried same memory card in another phone (different brand) and it will play all songs held on sd card.

    One example Michael Buble cd album contains 21 songs Samsung mobile only plays 12 of these songs 8 not recognised even though they are on memory card.

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