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Thread: Question regarding LEDs and the spectrum of light emitted

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    My name is Lindsay - I am new to the forum. (figured i would intro myself)

    I am currently working on some kind of lunar lighting for nocturnal animals, and although i have a product made, I am looking for more scientific data and research. I hope to perform my own research on my animals and help the veterinary research along by publishing it.

    What i need is some information on LED lights. I have been looking for information regarding LED lights and what types of wave radiation it emits. I am in particular looking to see if blue LED lights emit UV-B or medium wave radiation, and if so how much?

    Any info about this would help me out greatly. I am looking to replicate the same or similar amount of UVB as the moon does.

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    According to this article, LEDs are made that emit ultraviolet down to 210 NM.
    A single LED does not emit a spectrum of light, just one wavelength. However to make white light several colors can be mixed or a phosphor coating is added to blue LEDs.

    This web site says the spectrum of moonlight is the same as sunlight.

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