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    ....between Thermoset and Thermoplastic copper wire insulation? Which one is better/safer and more environmentally friendly? Aren’t they both some form of plastic? How come the wire coating seems inflexible after a while, is it a sign the wire getting hot frequently, too much amp draw? I used to see the hard coat when I worked on older motors.

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    Thermosetting plastics get stronger (set) as they are heated, thermoplastic plastics get softer on heating and can be deformed.

    Which is safer? If it is going to get hot I would say thermosetting, if not it doesn't matter...

    They are both plastics and will have environmental impacts but I think thermoplastic plastics are easier to recycle. (Heat em up and remind them).

    Plastics are polymers, over time the polymer chains can form cross links which make the plastic less flexible and brittle.

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