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    So I'm currently in works of making a popcorn maker for a school project and I need help with choosing the correct equipment for power delivery.

    I'm going to be using a 1000W 12V NiCd battery to power a heating element, and I wanted to know if the battery below would able to heat the burner to at least 170C, I also want to know what gauge wire I should use to connect the heating element and battery. I was thinking 2AWG cuz at max load the battery outputs 83Amps.

    Specs of Battery:
    1000W 12V 9Ah

    Specs of Surface Heating element:
    6" 4turns

    Thanks in advance!

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    aww it wont let me post the links to the equipment

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    Hi Mojojojo

    Just some hints and a piece of advice.

    Make sure you stay near the location, have a digital thermometer in the tray, and try doing it near a window or outside. And just test it. See what happens. You can calculate all you want, but for this, it really depends on the heat transfer coefficient. the heating surface, and the insulation you build around it.

    Otherwise look at the following.

    1000w = 1000j/s

    1000j/s --> say heating 500 grams worth of insulation/metal/popcorn

    I assume 100% efficiency and no energy or heat loss. Materials are all Iron.

    0.45 Kj/kg/kelvin.. 0.23 kj/500g/kelvin --> 4.4K/sec --> 34.1 sec it would take.. with 500 grams, heating it from 20 to 170K.

    Now you need to know how much energy is lost at which temperature difference...

    You have heat conductivity, and heat radiation. Ignore the radiation ,because it wouldn't reach anywhere near the 1000 watts.
    for black body radiation. I assume you lose about 5 - 10% (high estimation)

    Continue with 90% of the power on to conductivity. Around 170 it is 0.035W/m2*K. Say total area is 0.1M2.

    But to be honest, i have no idea how to calculate the total loss of the energy. I only see formulas that go with a certain thickness of material.
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