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Thread: Nanobots. Possibility?

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    Good day.
    My name is Jordan.
    I would like to discuss the possibility of nanobots- sort of like those from Big Hero 6, but without telepathic integration. Would it be possible to create such robots that can detect their positions and use eachother as supports to build a 3-dimensional structure?
    Of course, this would require batteries or power that can fit within a small enough package while still leaving space for what the robots would communicate with as well as a way for them to tell their location in comparison to all the others.
    Also, for this to work, it would need some sort of software that could assign every single robot to a different part of whatever 3-dimensional figure you are trying to create.
    maybe electromagnets or some sort of mechanism that will allow them build vertically and reach their destination.

    Maybe something like Cubelets...

    Any thoughts?

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    Yes, it is very possible, it is just quite difficult to build things on the scale of nano-meters, any structure or system that is built on the macroscopic scale can theoretically be constructed on the nano-scale. I actually work on nano-robotics but nothing that advanced have I ever actually constructed physically but there are several examples of people building nano-machines, they even made light sensing nano-machines recently, it is not that far fetched.

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