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    I am looking to brew Kombucha!

    This requires distilled water due to the sensitivity of the mushroom culture. Boiled City water has too much Fluoride!

    By chance I happened upon an abandoned water dispenser that has both hot and cold water settings. This is the type fed by a large inverted gallon container, similar to what one would see in an office. What can I do to modify this device to create distilled water?

    Here are the specks for the dispenser:


    GE Profile - 060625121q


    SER: LL 519940 M

    120V 60 HRZ 4.7 A 0606

    R134a/39g Rev. 04

    High side/haute 1.58 MPa (229Psig)
    Low side/Basse 0.61 MPa (88Psig)


    Any explination on what each of these spects is representing is helpful. If any one has any contacts to people with GE who could explain this in detail, this is even better!

    Thank you The Science Forum!

    - Alex

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    A water dispenser will not easily be modified to produce distilled water... You need to boil the water and trap and recondense the steam..

    Google for distillation apparatus to see what the set up you need looks like.

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    If you only need to make small amounts of distilled water these methods may be your best bet:

    3 Ways to Make Distilled Water - wikiHow

    If you need large quantities buying a still would be the best option, at work I use one from these guys

    Laboratory Water Stills | Stuart Equipment&

    hook it up to a tap and it produces 8 L of distilled water per hour.
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    If you want better water and flouride is the problem, why not try a flouride filter?

    Depending on the desired purity of flourides, this may be an expensive alternative (also consider the cost of having to replace said filter every so often).

    I recommend filtering your water cold(vice hot after the dispenser) for better results,

    Just throwing ideas out there, Hope it helps.
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