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Thread: Calculate battery specific charge/discharge. mAh/g

  1. #1 Calculate battery specific charge/discharge. mAh/g 
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    I require help calculating a batteries specific charge/discharge in mAh/g

    I have the following and I just want to check if I am correct.
    mA= 0.48,
    Charge time= 15:06 = 0.252 hours
    Discharge time= 8:17 = 0.138 hours
    Active material weight= 1.304g

    Specific charge: 0.48 * 0.252 = 0.121 mAh
    0.121/1.304 = 0.093 mAh/g

    Specific discharge: 0.48*0.138 = 0.066
    0.066/1.304 = 0.093 mAh/g

    Thanks for any help

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    I'm not sure why you're trying to relate discharge times to weight. Batteries generally have two essential factors; Voltage and Amp-Hours. Use Ohm's Law to figure out discharge time through a given load. But, if you're looking for the best Power to Weight ratio; Any Lithium based battery would be your best bet.

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