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Thread: Solar Panel questions....

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    Can someone who's knowledgeable please tell me about:

    O How solar panels work, and how it transitions solar energy into electricity
    O what exactly (a part,unit,device) determines the of amount of solar energy that can be harnessed into electricity
    or efficiency of how thoroughly it can be harnessed
    (because ive heard that solar panels can only get about 20% to convert and not the full amount)

    O what is the main component that recognizes the solar energy?
    O also when saying solar energy..does it reffer to thermal energy or light(photons),or UV rays? (whats meant by solar energy)

    Id appreciate your help on this,

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    The photovoltaic effect is a long one to explain, but to answer one of your questions - cell efficiency ranges from about 8 to about 46%. Commercial solar panels (the type you see on homes) run about 18-20%. Solar energy is the total amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth - about 1300 watts/sq m at Earth's orbit, about 1000 w/sq m at the surface. It consists of a very wide range of light frequencies, from about 250 to 2000 nanometers.

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    whats meant by solar energy
    Billvon's right about the conventional meaning. But in general conversation you might notice some people use the expressions solar power and solar energy interchangeably. Those people are just talking about usable power produced by solar generation - whether it's photovoltaic or one of the other solar "farm" methods which heat oils or salts.
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