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Thread: Rechargeable toothbrush abnormal heating

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    Hi! I went to wash my teeth with my rechargeable toothbrush and I took it from the recharge dock and turned it on and it worked for 5 seconds and turned off and then it made a small noice every one second and vibrated a little bit. What concerns me is that the toothbrush is now at least as warm as the backside plate full of warm wood/a cup of warm coffee. Is this toothbrush a hazard to me or my family members? Can it explode, etc...?

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    I find it unlikely that it's a threat. Perhaps something is wrong with the motor.

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    If the motor, or connections to it, were to short out because of whatever has gone wrong, then that could cause a rapid discharge of the battery which in turn could cause overheating and, potentially, a fire risk.

    Sounds like it may be time to replace it.
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