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Thread: Anyone own a Pioneer VSX 822-K Receiver?

  1. #1 Anyone own a Pioneer VSX 822-K Receiver? 
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    I'm having some trouble getting my receiver to handle some speakers properly.

    I've got it set up for 5.1. All speakers properly set up and connected. I ran the MCACC and all the speakers worked well. Went through the manual setup and tuned everything the way I liked it. All speakers worked and sound came through them all as it should. However, when I played a movie, I had no sound through the two rear speakers and no sound through the center channel speaker. My understanding is that the center channel handles the dialogue in 5.1 (I'm not an audiophile so this is from a layman's perspective). If I'm getting sound during the tests, but not during a movie, I have to have a setting wrong somewhere. It's not a wiring issue.

    I've been trolling the responses to similar problems on other forums, but nothing has worked for me. Didn't know if maybe there was another owner here who could help me figure out my problem.

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