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    Dear Sirs:
    How are you doing? My name is Kris Kuehl. I have solved the world's energy crisis, and I have the solution to absolutely every problem in the universe listed at my website below. I also prove the bible to you in one paragraph. I have built a machine which will power itself and provides an infinite amount of electricity to anything. It only cost me $777.00 to make, and I highly recommend that you build one for yourselves, and for the betterment of mankind. There is no patent on it, please feel free.

    It's as simple as a lawnmower:
    1. a car battery.
    2. A power-inverter from Wal-mart.
    3. A skilsaw circular saw that spins 5300 rpms, from Wal-mart.
    4. a 5/8" axle bolt
    5. A generator head from northern tool: item no. 165913 or higher.

    Simply link all pieces in that order, and back into the battery, and we may all realize a house that will have it's own nuclear power plant, and never have to pay
    for electricity again. A machine, that requires no gasoline, no oil, no friction, no pollution, nor a supercollision, nor IRAN. Imagine an electric car that never needs to be recharged at night. Imagine jet turbines, that spin infinitely, and never need to land. One flight from Texas to Russia, non-stop. I have solved the world's Energy Crisis. Please feel free to expound upon this, as I am merely one man. I want the world to accept my gift.
    You may see video evidence of it at my website located below. Bless you, and I hope you have a very nice day.


    Kris Kuehl
    www dot silvermix dot org/ww3

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