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    hi all dear members…
    this summer i have a final year project to graduate as an electrical engineer …
    my topic is to design and implement a simulator of a protective grounding system that contains the 3 types of circuits … that it :
    TT, IT, and TNC(s) … and adding the adequate protective circuit and so on ….
    i found some data but still not enough … would be glad if you help me here ….
    in other words .....
    my purpose is to implement a simulator ( circuit) that describes how the 3 types of grounding are working ...
    for educational purpose .. that is i will let this circuit in my isntitut as a good example of grounding

    the steps are ...
    i need power supply ..
    a load ( resistors) ...
    and i need protective elements ...
    and each type of grounding as a specific adequate protective element ....
    example :
    the TT grounding type needs the differential relay ...
    the IT needs impedance controller and so on .....

    so i need those details ..
    i want to simulate them in simulink (matlab) before implementing the circuit ....

    hope it is clear ...
    pleeeeeeease help me soon ....
    time is running ...

    thnks in advance ..
    Hawk .

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