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    I know this is really basic but how exactly does electricity create movement? For Instance on a golf cart. I realize you have to have electricity to create movement and movement for electricity. But How do I get an electric motor to make movement ( to make wheels turn, robots move, etc.) I'm drawing a HUGE blank!!!! How would a battery make a robotic arm move, rotate, and grab things?????????????

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    The thread title says, "Basics" which implies you're not looking for an answer that describes electron interaction with EM Fields...

    Google can be a friend...:
    HowStuffWorks "How does a brushless electric motor work?"

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    Take a look at the Lorentz force. This is what causes the force between the magnet and the current carrying wire.
    Lorentz force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I can imagine this state of HUGE blank.

    IMO, the easiest explaination is: electricity create magnet, magnet make things move. So, electricity make things move using magnets and nothing more.

    A kid should understand what magnet is I think. But they don't realize electricity can create magnet!
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    and even at then,they still can tell that there is no movement if there is no charge.and when there is charge and no magnet,they also can see that movement is impossible.the smart ones concludes that they both need each other and it starts with electricity.
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