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Thread: Voltage Doubler real output.

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    What is the output of this circuit and why?


    What is the real output of this circuit and why? It's name is voltage doubler but I connect it to 230V AC and tested output with a multimeter it shows 640 V DC, is it really output 640 V DC? why? and how can I made a doubler with 440 or 450 V DC out? I can not use transformer for some reasons.
    also I have a 500 V 1200 uF cap that I want to charge it only with 450 V 1200 uF (120 J), what happens if I connect that cap to this doubler? Does it charge to 500 volts (150 J)? how can I charge a 500v 1200 uF cap to only 450V?

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    The output is double the peak voltage So that is

    A crude and inefficient way of getting a lower voltage would be to use a voltage divider. That is only suitable if you are drawing very little current. If you want significant power out then you need something like a switched mode power supply.

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    thank you for your reply,
    What is the best linear voltage regulator for this circuit to give me constant 400 to 450 volt DC?
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    You could use zener diodes, if the circuit does not use too much current. The zener diodes are only available up to 200 volts, but you can just put a few in series.
    Zener diodes : DIODES AND RECTIFIERS
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