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Thread: How does a car work ?

  1. #1 How does a car work ? 
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    What makes the car run ... i dont mean just the engines but the frames

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    If it's any help to you IWANTTOKNOWMORE, the mechanisms of a car can be related step by step with the mechanisms of moving a human forward. There is an average of 980 Assemblies and individual parts needed to make a car move forwards or backwards. Not sure about the components, ( biological and skelital ), that are called upon to propel a human forward. Where is your ignition IWANTTOKNOWMORE? westwind.

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    There's alot of component intelligently designed to make car safe and moving. The most basic car is like in 1920s... but the most advance car is like in todays cheap family car.

    I can simply imagine: engine -->(drive a) transmission system --> (drive a) tyre. Each one them are also sophisticated... even the tire are awesomely made to save fuel,and the transimission system is fitted with incredible shape of gears and exotic alloys, and the engine is fitted with computers that control fuel injection. -you can still replace tire with 2 decade old old-fashioned tire, or replace the gears with cheap counterfitted gears made of cheap metal, but its not safe and not fuel efficient... but it still a moving car!

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