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    I want to build a Reciever radio that picks up The Hydrogen line frequency at 1420. 405 751 768 Mhz, give or take .0498 Mhz. I want to be able to plug it into a 120 volt wall outlet, so it can run 24/7, and i want to put a speaker on it. Any ideas on how would i go about doing this?
    Unless you have a background in microwave receiver design, this will be impractically difficult for you. You would need to build an antenna with feedhorn; implement a narrowband filter (to reject the many strong signals near the 21cm line, such as GPS, cell phones, etc.), then design a low-noise amplifier, mixer and IF amplifier chain, and then follow all that with a phase/frequency detector and audio amplifier (assuming that you're interested in the Doppler component).

    Also, since many sources of 21cm radiation will be Doppler-shifted by amounts greatly in excess of the range of human hearing, you'll have to decide what kind of processing you're going to implement to deal with that reality.

    This is not a trivial task.

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